Eva Mccloud entered into the ministry of mime on January 1, 2013 at  Community Church Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Carl and Angela Coker Sr.,  which is located in Mobile, AL.  The more she ministered through mime, the greater she desired to know and learn everything she could about the ministry of mime. She ministered for 2 years but still questioned whether mime was biblical. Little did she know this desire would lead her to discover more giftings laying dormant within her. 


During the spring of 2015 Eva was invited to minister at an Eagles 10 graduation ceremony, there she encountered a woman by the name Dr. Sumaya White. Eva was intrigued by the passion and power of Dr. White’s dancing and ministry. After the ceremony Eva got a chance to meet Dr. White who advised her and encouraged her to enroll in the EIMI course where Apostle Christopher Montgomery was the instructor. 


In October 2015 Eva enrolled in the Eagles International Mime Institute. During her course of study she learned about the Biblical Foundation of Mime and gained knowledge, wisdom, revelation and a deeper understanding of being a minister mime. She graduated October 28, 2016 and received a certificate for a licensed minister of mime. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit Eva aligned her ministry with Kingdom Life Empowerment Fellowship International under the leadership of Apostle Christopher and Angelica Montgomery. After aligning her Mime Ministry under their leadership God began to allow her Apostles to educate, guide, advise and instruct her concerning her. As they began to teach and impart Eva began to accept and grow in her gifts. God soon revealed that she was more than just a minister of Mime. While under the leadership of Apostle Christopher and Angelica Montgomery of Kingdom Life Empowerment Fellowship International Eva received training and attended courses that helped her understand the call upon her life. In July 2017 she was ordained a minister, in July 2018 she was ordained an Evangelist and in July 2019 she was ordained a Prophet.



Enrollment Fee: $599.00

Administrative Fee: $209.65

Total Tuition: $808.65

Monthly Installments (5 ONLY): $161.73

  • Mime in Ministry Ex

    Mime Ministry Full Payment
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 Monthly Live Recording
    • 1 Recorded Training
    • Homework
    • Reading or Workbook
  • Mime in Ministry PP

    Every month
    Mime Ministry Payment Plan
    Valid for 5 months
    • 1 Monthly Live Training
    • 1 Recorded Training
    • Homework
    • Reading or Workbook