Kasseem Forde

Kasseem Forde is a husband, father, civil activist, teacher and more. Mr. Forde hails from the beautiful Caribbean paradise Island Anguilla. In the wider communitee, Mr. Forde is know and a community activist or Engineer. Mr Forde is a past President of the National Youth Council and then the retired Dean of the National Youth Ambassador Corps. Mr Forde, As Pastor of Abba's House Anguilla, continues to partner in projects that send multiply young persons across the region for informal training sessions and youth exchanges on various thematic areas. Mr Forde also has more than 15 years of experience in the Electrical Code Enforcement and Electrical Engineering Field and launched the A+Forde Electrical Consultancy in 2018. Mr Forde also manages all Major government Electrical Installation projects on the island.

As a radical believer and proclaimer of Jesus Christ, Mr. Forde has been a radio personality ( hosting programs such as Speak Life, The Sound, Truth be Told, Friday Praise & more) and gospel event planner since 2008 (hosting events such as One Touch, A Night of Praise, No Limits to My Worship, Caribbean Gospel Music Tours, Abba Cares Festival & More ) .

Mr Forde is the Father of two handsome sins ( Micaiah & Malchiel Forde) and is madly in love with and married to Chadira Forde.


Project Management 101

Enrollment Fee: $599.00

Administrative Fee: $209.65

Total Tuition: $808.65

Monthly Installments (5 ONLY): $161.73

  • Project Management

    Project Management Full Payment
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 Monthly Training
    • 1 Recorded Training
    • Homework
    • Reading Or Workbook
  • Project Manage PP

    Every month
    Project Management Payment Plan
    Valid for 5 months
    • 1 Monthly Live Training
    • 1 Recorded Training
    • Homework
    • Reading or Workbook